CopperBridge Story
Technology is dictated by the science of conversation and modern media is at the center of conversation – whether it is online conversation or wireless dialog. Business dynamics and market fluctuations are governed by the epicenters of web conversation – Social, Professional and niche networks.

CopperBridge Media connects the dots of conversation so that it can be tapped for business growth as well as corporate creativity. We bring out the simple yet intelligent logic out of the social interactions on web.
What we do

CopperBridge brings the market to your doorstep through its Services, Brand Marketing Solutions, Research and Analysis and its products. The ‘voice of customer’ is embedded in every CopperBridge strategy and solution.

Our core offerings for our potential partners and collaborators are...
   * Services for their Internet Marketing and Content development needs
   * Effective and Business savvy Branding & Marketing solutions
   * Consulting service for businesses of all size for the growth of and online visibility of their enterprise
   * Reports created out of exhaustive Market and Industry research in retrospect to your businesses
   * Online conversation centric products aimed towards adding value to the online community

Longitude & Latitude
CopperBridge is at the center of the action. Our base camp is in Nagpur, which is considered the bridge to all the other cities of India. Its hot in summer here..We mean real hot..but the heat is on throughout the year at CopperBridge.