Copper Reflections provides unique handcrafted jewelry and unique gift ideas using an exclusive ancient copper craft. All of our copper handmade jewelry and unique gift ideas are silver plated and individually diamond cut on copper. Each piece of our handcrafted copper jewelry and unique gift idea has a protective acrylic coating to prevent tarnishing so no polishing is required. We have been designing and producing our artisan handmade jewelry and unique gift ideas since 1985. I started my wholesale fashion jewelry business in Vancouver, Canada. I began selling my unique jewelry crafts at retail craft shows showcasing my handcrafted necklaces, unique handmade earrings, unique handmade bracelets and various styles of my handcrafted artisan jewelry and unique copper gifts.

We have many animal designs, northwest and southwest native American designs and floral designs on our handcrafted unique jewelry and unique gift ideas:

*Animal jewelry designs include hummingbird, cat, butterfly, dolphin, whales, turtles, wolf, eagle, bear, polar bear, horse, loon, elk, moose, coyote, roadrunner, unicorn, dragonfly, owl, elephant and puffin. We have a wide selection of dolphin jewelry, as well as western and horse jewelry.

Copper Reflections is looking for gift stores, gift shops, trading posts and sales representatives in  Canada, Australia, the United States, UK and Europe for our Handmade Jewelry and Handcrafted Unique Gift lines http://www.copperreflections.com/