Bonallack and Bishop are an expanding firm of solicitors with offices located in Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset. As a firm we specialise in copyright law work for clients throughout the UK.
No matter how big or small, each business has valuable intellectual property rights – both in its ideas, products and in the very name it trades under. However, unfortunately, most businesses remain quite unaware how valuable their intellectual property assets really are, and frequently fail to exploit them to the full.
Our specialist team of intellectual property solicitors are dedicated to helping you find the best way of protecting your IP rights – with the experience of working with both small to medium businesses and multi-national corporations.
Our team can make sure that from the beginning you get proper protection for your business identity concepts, and other intellectual property rights. As your business grows, our lawyers can continue with the support of your business – all the way from notification of copyright in the first place, to managing your image rights and the preparation of licence agreements.