CoreChair is engaged in the design of an active seating system that can be used in the office, home or school and will be highly beneficial to users who sit for long periods of time.
Based in Aurora, Ontario, Canada, the company is led by Patrick Harrison BSc Kinesiology with extensive experience is seating and positioning for persons dependent on wheelchairs for mobility. Patrick founded Special Health Systems Ltd in 1982 and the products became high profile in North America until its sale to Invacare Corporation in 1995.
This start up business is financed through private investors and the primary expenses to date have been focused on engineering, university studies and focus group activity.
The target market for launch of CoreChair is focused on office environments where the incidence of low back pain in particular is most pronounced and such physical challenges contribute to lost productivity.
In addition to providing optimal postural support and positioning, CoreChair incorporates a patent pending mechanism that allows for and encourages dynamic movement that stimulates core muscle groups, mobilizes joints, reduces strain of soft tissues and stimulates blood flow while sitting at work.
This is a very new approach to sitting as it challenges the conventional wisdom of ergonomic chairs which are adjustable to personalize fit but result in the user maintaining a static position for the duration of their working day.
Patrick Harrison can be reached at 905-751-7470