Connecting and Protecting Health Information…

While we’re known for growing up in healthcare integration, the fact is that our roots are grounded in a sound business model and solid core values. Core Health Technologies’ unique business model of having a tight focus on a very specific skill discipline, growing an expertise within that discipline, and then investing into that specific community has helped us build a platform that produces results quickly and cost effectively.  Our business model has also resonated with healthcare organizations across the country as they experience our values – results, excellence, leadership – in the execution of our day-to-day performance of business.

Healthcare Integration is where we built our reputation around a tightly focused team. While that team and our ability to provide solutions continues to grow in healthcare integration, our clients have asked us to duplicate our ability to produce results quickly in other areas they find challenging. One of the areas clients have asked for help is health  information security. Today’s dynamic market conditions within healthcare continue to introduce new challenges to the security of health information.

As a result of these challenges, and clients asking for a trusted solution provider, Core Health Technologies has expanded into health information security with the same sound business model and strong core values.  Today, we can produce results with excellence, and provide the leadership our clients need in healthcare integration and health information security.