Founder and CEO of BlueEagle CLP is a veteran of the US Army, law enforcement and  firearms expert Daniel Straasburg introduced three new Firearm Cleaner, Lubricant and Protectant products in 2021 - BlueEagle CLP Non-Toxic Cleaner, Blue Eagle Weapon Lubricant and RBC Rifle Bore Cleaner.

BE CLP products contain no silicone and burn cleanly. Each of these products is USDA approved by both the USDA Bio-Preferred Program and the US Department of Defense; Safe Bio Base USE/ fulfills DoD, DLA & USDA “GREEN INITIATIVES”, and toxicology requirements of USAPH (US Army Public Health Center). Each BE CLP product fulfills USDA renewable resources (forestry, pine and citrus) including the DoD Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan specifications and all technical specifications align with the  DoD lab testing. And our products have a pleasant fragrance.

Customers are amazed when they apply our products to their ‘cleaned’ guns and discover unexpected dirt and grime. We understand that you want peace of mind of knowing your firearm is functional, every time. Learn more about Blue Eagle CLP products, distribution opportunities: info@beclp.com, Phone: 816-598-4365, or visit our website: www.beclp.com.