Nav N Go Kft. is a dynamic, innovative software development company that offers the latest solutions for 3D satellite navigation, mobile applications and content/community services on a variety of platforms. The award-winning company also develops its own mobile games and through its affiliate Top-Map Kft. its own digital maps. Founded in 2004, Nav N Go launched its first product in Germany at CeBIT 2006. Since then, it has formed partnerships with more than 70 hardware manufacturers worldwide, with 25 A and B brands including Asus Computer GmbH, Audiovox, Clarion Europe GmbH, Funai, Harman Kardon, LG Electronics, MyGuide, Pioneer Europe NV, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, V7 by Ingram Micro. The company provides reliable navigation solutions in more than 70 countries and in 45 different languages.  

The latest success product of the Hungarian company is Nav N Go iGO 8 navigation software. http://www.navngo.com/pages/global/eng/igo_8_description

The unique visualization engine of Nav N Go iGO 8 offers high-definition 3D navigation maps of terrain, road elevation, landmarks and buildings. It shows almost 13 miles in a single view on personal navigation devices (PNDs), smart phones and game consoles. Packaged with the powerful and advanced graphical engine for 3D and 2D modes, Nav N Go iGO 8, does not need any specific hardware requirements for installation.

Providing integrated multimedia experience, Nav N Go iGO 8 comes with built-in music and video player, preinstalled games, and travel guides. With an interface that is clear, intuitive and easy to use, the new Nav N Go iGO 8 has Normal mode for less experienced users and Expert mode for advanced ones. The software comes with text-to-speech capability that offers directions with real city, street and highway names.

Also known for its precise and affordable digital maps, Nav N Go iGO 8 covers more than 70 countries globally with navigable maps. The new format also supports exonyms, or non-native place name designations, giving users the ability to easily locate desired destinations even if the name is spelled in a foreign language. The software even supports non-Latin characters such as Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese and Russian, and also comes pre-loaded with millions of advanced points of interest (POI).

For more information and graphical material, please visit http://navngo.com/pages/global/eng/screenshots