Company History

Corintech was established in 1977 and has successfully built upon its Thick Film Hybrid and Microelectronics origins to now provide a comprehensive electronic product design and electronics manufacturing capability. This capability complements the contract electronics manufacturing services we offer and encompasses both electronic and industrial design, with low volume rapid assembly in the UK and high volume low cost manufacturing in the Far East.

As well as contract electronics manufacturing services, Corintech also has a range of Standard Products. These products feature touchscreen, WiFi and data logging technology, which are entirely designed and manufactured by Corintech and are available via the online store.


Corintech has an innovative team of engineers and production managers who construct unique creative solutions.

Design skills include all elements of product design; mechanical, electronic, embedded firmware and software.  We are also able to integrate Touchscreens and WiFi connectivity into client's products. This is all backed up by supply chain management and logistics expertise built up over many years of worldwide manufacture.


To support client's requirements Corintech maintains an up to date manufacturing facility in the UK and a design and logistics hub in Hong Kong which includes a significant warehouse as well as QA, Procurement and Manufacturing departments.

The UK can provide a rapid turnaround service across a range of technologies, whilst the Hong Kong facility gives access to manufacturing in low cost regions for our higher volume requirements.