A brand new enterprise, Cornerstone Astrology intends to revitalise our passion and understanding of astrology and offer an astrology service that not only informs, but empowers those who are ready to take a deeper look at themselves. If you are reading this and think that there’s something missing in your life, if you lack direction, or feel as though you’ve gone as far as you can, if despite you best efforts things haven’t turned out as well as you’d hoped, then perhaps its time to go back to basics. Astrology might just hold the answer that you are looking for.

If you have never had your astrological birth chart complied for you, then you are missing a golden opportunity to understand what you need to focus on to move forward. If you are ready to embark on journey of self discovery where every door is open and your life finally becomes the open book you always dreamed of, then start by having your astrological birth chart drawn up by Cornerstone Astrology.

Personal development is often seen as something separate to career development and relationship development, but personal development is actually the cornerstone to every facet of our lives and the key to making that progress could lie in really understanding and getting to grips with the energies and influences of our own natal charts.
Each natal astrology chart compiled by Cornerstone Astrology is beautifully illustrated and between 40 and 50 pages long. Charts can be delivered electronically via email for those clients who are happy and able to print their own. Alternatively charts can be delivered pre-printed on high quality presentation paper for those ordering charts as gifts at an additional cost to cover printing and postage.

The in-depth astrological analysis covers every aspect of your life, from your life path, to business, finance, destiny and love. For a limited time only, to celebrate the launch of cornerstone astrology the company is offering a free 30 day transit report with every birth chart purchased. This report will tell you exactly what planetary influences are affecting you for the next 30 days and guide you make the most of the positive aspects while avoiding the pitfalls of the more challenging ones.
Cornerstone aim to get each and every report completed with 24 hours of your order being placed, however because your chart is studied and edited on an individual basis, it may take a little longer  during periods of high demand. This is simply a reflection of the care and personal attention that each and every astrology chart receives. It takes time because Cornerstone Astrology want it to be right and want it to be meaningful, because at the end of the day, it’s the quality and detail that count.
If you’re ready to take the first steps to discovering a new you this could be one of the most amazing purchases you ever make.

To order your own personalised astrology profile and start investing in developing the potential you were born with, visit and take the first steps to rediscovering the real you.