Corporate Health, a charity focused on delivering the best value for money when it comes to Occupational Health, works with your organisation to ensure your employees are healthy and productive. A partnership approach allows us to work with you to reduce the cost of sickness through specialist tailored clinical advice on long and short term employee absence, ensuring  you and your employees are protected and meeting legal standards through customised health surveillance programmes. Such programmes reduce the chance of absence and increase productivity through a proactive wellbeing strategy.
We work with our customers by helping them understand the challenges they are facing and then partnering with them by offering solutions.

How Good Occupational Health can benefit your business?

OH helps improve your bottom line, improves employee satisfaction and overall productivity.  OH is key to managing and maintaining a healthy workforce. Our specialist OH Physicians and Advisors help identify absence trends and health risks turning this data into a plan, which looks at prevention as well as cure. OH keeps your employees safe and your business within HSE regulations, therefore avoiding costly fines. When employees are off work, OH review the case and independently advise on the best strategy for early return to work reducing your cost of sickness absence. For organisations who want to engage their employees in looking after themselves a wide range of wellbeing programmes are now available.