About Deakin University, Australia
Deakin University is one of the Australia’s largest universities, providing education to over 32,000 students worldwide. It is ranked among the top universities by the country’s committee for quality assurance in higher education and is counted amongst the top three Australian universities chosen by Indian students for studying in Australia.

Deakin’s Presence in India
Deakin University also offers an extensive range of student exchange programmes, study tours as well as internships in Australia. Deakin University has had an established presence in India since the last 10 years, through its office operating in New Delhi. The focus is to establish long term partnerships with academic institutions and industry at large. It is our constant effort to bridge the gap between the academia and industry and offer employment ready graduates to the industry. Deakin University Australia also has a corporate education arm named as DeakinPrime.

About DeakinPrime:

DeakinPrime, the corporate education arm of Deakin University, Australia is looking forward to deliver the Full Range of Corporate Education Partnerships.
DeakinPrime, the corporate education arm of Australia’s Deakin University, has had a presence in Asia for over 10 years. DeakinPrime is a pioneer and leader in workforce professionalization through adult education programs, reaching over 50,000 people in their workplace each year, delivering Industry-relevant competency skills and knowledge.

DeakinPrime’s Education & Delivery.

DeakinPrime has been designing tailored innovative solutions for its clients since 1993. Whilst the University focuses on the learning needs of individuals, DeakinPrime addresses the business challenges and opportunities of organisations. Our market includes corporations, government’s bodies and professional & industry associations through the provision of integrated education, training and development programs and services.

Deakin Prime will design, develop and manage the program to deliver post-graduate education in construction management to Leighton students in India. We assist people to gain relevant workplace skills or upgrade their professional qualifications. Each year we service more than 60,000 participants enrolled in programs worldwide.

DeakinPrime, the corporate education arm of Deakin University, Australia is also ready to deliver its various tailored program focused on providing leadership inputs on being successful during these tough times.  

“We are looking out for competent corporate, Institutions and government bodies who understand and have capability to market DeakinPrime, certified programs to Individual professionals and corporate in respective geographical territories. There is a projection of huge increase in Certified Training by becoming a partner in this emerging Business opportunity”

Our Purpose-Performance Learning.

DeakinPrime, the corporate education arm of Deakin University, is a pioneer and leader in the development of corporate education partnerships with organisations in Australia, reaching over 50,000 people in work each year.

DeakinPrime staff can design, develop, deliver and manage comprehensive and effective corporate education and development initiatives for major corporations, government agencies, professional associations and industry groups.

By connecting organisational and professional development, and Vocational and Higher Education, all within an organisational context, DeakinPrime helps people gain relevant management skills and upgrade professional qualifications, while helping organisations to build capability and strive for greater success.

DeakinPrime works to genuinely enhance the capabilities and performance of people in business and the organisations for which they work, and to advance the professions and industries with which they are associated.

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