Core Excellence is a Management Training and Consulting Company committed to the cause of organizational excellence through development and delivery of practical training programs & quality business consulting. It provides training and performance enhancement solutions in several areas of organizational development.

As a long-term strategic business partner, Core Excellence is poised to respond to business & development challenges by providing an innovative package of solutions to help organizations on the journey to excellence.

To help our clients obtain the most out of their investments, we provide a one-stop range of services in training & organization development. As clients’ business/development needs are most important, Core Excellence is capable of providing a customized service package, charting a roadmap to meet strategic objectives.

Dedicated to achieve positive changes in human resource and organizations, we have a suite of programmes, supported with customized consultancy services.Our Executive /Management Development Programmes help to create knowledgeable, skilful and competent people.

Time Mgt.
Retail Mgt.
Strategic Mgt.
Team Building
Coaching Skills
Interview Skills
Problem Solving
Decision Making    
Managing Stress
Negotiation Skills
Performance Mgt.
Winning Attitudes
Work Life Balance
Customer Service
Presentation Skills
Business Etiquette
Conflict Resolution
Sales Effectiveness    
Interpersonal Skills    
Planning & Execution
Communication Skills
Analyzing Intelligently
Personal Effectiveness
Creativity & Innovation
Intercultural Awareness
Managerial Effectiveness
Leadership Development
Corporate Social Responsibility
Business Process Reengineering

Core Excellence’ Training focuses on knowledge transfer, skill acquisition & behaviour change.

Using an experiential framework, participants learn in an atmosphere of relevance and fun, discovering practical skills and techniques that can be applied directly on the job. Since the goal of being trained on a new skill is to immediately be able to do things differently, we deliver the content first and allow plenty of opportunity for practice throughout.

Each interactive session encourages full participation in the learning process through practice, group discussions and application leading to an automatic modification in behaviour.

Design and Delivery -

The objectives are delivered through activity based learning sessions. Participants are involved in absorbing mental challenges - that are reflected upon by them and their experiences shared. The facilitator helps participants in the process to crystallize the learning and link in to concepts and frameworks.  

The Programmes create the excitement through high energy engaging presentation; deliver understanding through interaction, participative discussions, behaviour profiling, role-plays, exercises, group work, management games, video replays, audio visuals, and case studies to focus on the practical implement ability of the concepts & wrap up with Action Planning.

Core Excellence programs use fun as an essential tool for imparting training.

Customized Training Programs

Core Excellence designs, develops & deploys training options, which are tailored to meet specific needs of the organization at all levels. These are based on an in depth assessment and analysis of the existing level of performance.

Core Excellence’ abilities span designing solutions beginning with concept through to delivery, customized workshops in classroom or outdoor setting. We can also assist an organization, doing a “Train the Trainer”.

Training Needs Assessments & Programme Evaluations

Core Excellence supports organizations in setting up effective governance & management practices to assess progress of learning with pre and post training measurements through certification, feedback forms, action plans and follow-up. Our training programmes & trainers’ ratings average at around 90%


Core Excellence Training & Consulting is an integrated solution provider to help our clients achieve Organization Excellence through human resources development, good governance & management practices. Core Excellence’ expertise is ready to identify and overcome those difficult issues that limit the organization’s potential  & establish a thriving model that enables it to conceptualize & realize organization review & change initiatives.

Client Profile - Indian , multinational, private , public,govt. & joint ventures, power, oil, trading, cellular services, real estate , infrastructure, media, hospitality, consumer electronocs,healthcare, retail, logistics, service, automobile, manufacturing,  business process outsourcing, communications solutions,  network marketing, women forum,mgt. institutes  etc