Our goal is a simple one...to become the premier website for purchasing property in Costa Rica.

When we started this site we set out to produce the most ascetically pleasing real estate site in Central America. Did we accomplish this goal? Only our much appreciated visitors can verify this however we like to think we got it right.

Our founder, Don Halbert, originally from ascetically, British Columbia, Canada, holds a wealth of knowledge about Internet marketing and SEO, which bods well for the company and it's ability to achieve results from search engines like Google and Yahoo. Of course this achievement will not happen overnight however we know this will be acquired in short succession.

Costa Rica Property Site only hires the finest in their chosen fields. For that reason we handpick our staff so we can service our clients with the confidence in knowing they are in good hands. Our affiliation with other real estate sites on the Internet is no secret. We are actively forming a network of sites targeting specific areas of Costa Rica in order to extend our reach through various digital mediums. As we grow individually, Costa Rica Property Site will become what it's successors/companion sites before, already have achieved. Independent success and a self standing sufficient web site that stands out from the crowd.

Located on the desirable Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, we have what we consider as one of most biodiverse pockets of the planet that we are fortunate enough to call home. Compared to most other areas of Costa Rica, the Southern Zone offers a more 'natural - green' experience. With our mountains coming right down to the ocean, covered in dense jungle and broad variety of wildlife, the areas of the Pacific Coast are challenge by none other.