Counselor Cover is a Professional Liability insurance program specifically designed for professionally licensed counselors. We pride ourselves on providing superior customer service, competitive low rates, and comprehensive coverage for those in the counseling profession. Among the advantages we offer:

* Top Rated Insurance Carrier Partner
* Fast and Easy Application Process
* Virtually Instant Online Quotes
* Friendly and Professional Staff

Professional Liability Insurance protects practitioners against negligence claims made by their patients/clients. Did you know that a simple error or omission can put your entire practice at risk? With professional liability insurance specifically tailored to counselors, psychologists and therapists, you can protect yourself and your practice from bearing the full cost of unexpected legal fees.

At www.CounselorCover.com, we put everything you need to know about quality Professional Liability insurance at your fingertips...and you can get complete and binding protection in just 60 seconds. Go to www.CounselorCover.com for more information about Counselor Professional Liability Insurance.