Country Floors is considered a foremost style-setter in the ceramic tile and stone industry and is the first choice of many architects, interior designers and savvy consumers. Country Floors carries an extensive selection of exclusive handcrafted tiles. In addition to well-known wall and floor tiles made by domestic and overseas artists, Country Floors has a huge selection of following specialty tiles:

Delft Tiles, Delftware, Gothic Revival Tiles, English Gothic Revival Tiles, Victorian Tiles, Encaustic Tiles, Medieval Tiles, Faience Tiles, Cuerda Seca Tiles, Cuenca Tiles, Custom Murals, Custom Flower Panels, Chinoiserie, Waxed Terra Cotta, Custom Terra Cotta, Custom Color Tiles, Relief Tiles, Maiolica Tiles, Blue and White Tiles, Dutch Tiles, Portuguese Tiles, Arts and Crafts Tiles, Old World Tiles, European Tiles, French Faience, Portuguese Murals, Custom Floor Tiles, Historic Tiles, Historic Eproduction Tiles, Hand crafted Tile, Artisan Tile, Hand Molded Tile, American Made Artisan Tile, Traditional Delft Tiles, Traditional Portuguese Tile, North African Tile, Roman Mosaics, Backsplash Tile Murals, Custom Kitchen Backsplashes, Custom Kitchen Backsplash Tile Murals, Custom Kitchen Decorative Backsplash Tile Murals, Blue and White Kitchen Tiles, Portuguese Tile Backsplashes, Delft Tile Backsplashes, Custom Tile Shower Murals, Custom Tile Pool Surrounds, Custom Wine Room Floors, High End Kitchen Tiles, High End Bathroom Tiles, High End Pool Surround Tiles, Fireplace Surround Tiles, High End Fireplace Surround Tiles, Luxury Ceramic Tiles, Luxury Floor Tiles, Luxury Stone Tiles, Luxury Backsplash Tiles, High End Floor Tiles.

With headquarters in New York, Country Floors maintains showrooms across North America (New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; Fairfax, VA; Miami, FL; Pompano Beach, FL) and dealers that service all areas beyond the major cities. Please visit one of the showrooms for the finest tile there is.

Country Floors holds design integrity through artistry, originality and quality as the benchmark and constantly strive for improvement.