Covington & Associates, LLC (C&A) is a tenured company founded by owner, Francis A. Covington.  Mr. Covington has been in the business of providing Business Resilience Solutions, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery planning services, Technical and Consulting solutions for the government and commercial organizations for over thirty years.  Much of this time was spent as an executive with several Fortune 100 companies including; IBM, NCR, and Northrop Grumman.

Our Staff is made up of top Information Technology professionals (including our owner).  The staff is thoroughly versed and experienced in project management, business resilience,  business continuity disaster recovery, HIPAA, and information technology solutions.

C&A takes the time to learn and fully understand your organization's business objectives.  This allows us to provide you with a detailed analysis of where and how C&A can increase its value to your organization. Our experienced consultants, project managers, and staff are all well versed and experienced in diversified business solutions.

C & A strives to find the best solutions for your organization. Our team has been hand-selected for integrity, ethics, thoroughness, and commitment to service, networking skills, intelligence, and competence; guaranteeing timely delivery of high-quality solutions. Our team prides themselves on meeting or exceeding your business objectives.

​Trusted Globally

​Our staff has been trained to act as a consultant to your organization, helping to augment your business needs with a proven track record of success. Our formula is simple; experience, knowledge, and teamwork.  C&A is poised to address your unique needs with our extensive experience in providing top-level business solutions.

​Based in Southern Nevada, we are currently working on professional solutions for projects that span the globe.  Our network is comprised of headquarters offices located in Las Vegas, Nevada and partner offices located in key US cities.

​"We are committed to Earning our clients business every day"