Craft + Cask was founded to provide a resource for those looking for artisan, handcrafted, small batch products and gifts. We are dedicated to providing an anti-big box shopping experience with a distinct focus on men-centric goods and supplies. Whether you are a well traveled explorer, a local hiker or athlete, or a man concurring the urban jungle, Craft + Cask provides men’s grooming, bar and bath gifts, and branded apparel that will help get us back to our roots of quality items made by hand, not mass produced in giant overseas factories.

Craft + Cask knows you’ll have fun shopping our site, exploring our passion for exploration and travel, and adding some amazing goods to your life. We especially know you’ll enjoy using our products knowing that they were made by hand for you or one of the men in your life to enjoy. Cheers!

At Drifter, everything from our soaps to our beard care products have a handmade touch. Our “soap for men" products are all handmade by a dedicated team that only creates each of our product line-up in small batches.  Stemming from the lack of natural grooming products specifically designed for men, our commitment to handmade and well-crafted products will make your skin, hair and beard feel amazing and smelling incredible after each and every use. Our last slight twist to our production is that all of our soap, shampoo, beard wash, and shave products will only be sold in bar format. Not only does this ensure our products travel well, they’ll last longer than conventional liquid soaps and shampoos - and of course they just look damn cool.

We ensure that everything we use is of the highest quality and has been ethically sourced from beginning to end. Drifter will remain true to our word that we will create and share our unique vision of what men’s grooming should look like today, simple ingredients and well-produced results.