The company’s name “CREALM” stands for Creative Realm and invites you to the world of innovative jewelry designs.  

Chief Creative Officer Tanya Cherepova is a studio jewelry designer and silversmith, juried member of League of NH Craftsmen. Tanya learned from old and contemporary masters. Museums and galleries in 20+ countries around the world became her classroom and creative laboratory, where she studied European, Asian and American design traditions.

She exploits a variety of ideas, techniques and materials to make her designs memorable and desirable. Tanya works mostly in gold, sterling and combination of these metals.
Semiprecious stones and organic materials (pearls, corals, amber), creatively incorporated in her designs, enhance the beauty and uniqueness of each of her works.

Tanya also welcomes commissions - one of a kind and limited edition designs. She enjoys working with original designs of her own as well as collaborating with clients.
“My clients can expect a unique experience from a creative mind which seems to feed off the challenges put before him.”

Tanya’s motto “Always Different!” emphasize her design approach - jewelry is not only a nice ornament, but first of all a unique way to express your individuality through a wearable piece of art.

“Crealm” makes a difference!