At Creation Media Group, LLC our first priority is to honor God with our Work. Our goal is not to preach but to create films with a solid faith based message. We understand the vast potential for spreading the message of faith via social media. We use video to translate ideas, faith and biblical principles to visual media so that others can receive the message through contemporary channels. Media is the language of our culture; it is how we get all our information. Our goal is to provide films to the general public that will impact change in profound ways. We produce films and documentaries with an uplifting, educational and positive message for one purpose only..to inspire. We invent ideas and projects that influence and motivate leaving a lasting impression. Our multi-dimensional team of creative thinkers, writers and directors all possess the talent and inspiration to produce any media project from inkling to implementation. As a team we all feel we have stepped into our calling. We feel called to use our talents as video producers with a mission to reach people in all walks of life with a message of hope and encouragement. We also offer a full line of production services including: Event videos, Television commercials, Training videos, Advertising videos, Documentaries, Feature Film and Narrative films.