We are Creativ
Creativ aim to match our clients’ objectives with creative, impressive and functional solutions. In 2007, Creativ Digital founder Scott Donald saw a need for more effective web design and development, combining his technical expertise with an ability to address the needs of clients in simple terms.

Creativ Mission

We are free thinkers; our mission is to change the world starting with the web.  We don’t follow the crowd but instead Think Creativ, to make complex technology simple for the best results. It is our goal to deliver simplicity, quality and an efficient web presence through our innovative products, decreasing anxiety for business owners and delivering results. We are devoted to high standards of customer service and will exceed your expectations. We believe in simplicity and awesome service. We believe there doesn’t need to be all the hassle usually involved in having an effective web presence.

Empowering You Online

We deliver quality websites that clients can update themselves, putting the power of the internet back into your hands. But at Creativ, we realise that an effective online presence is often more than just a website. You also need a good brand and lots of qualified traffic. So we also provide clients with online marketing to ensure your business is a success, including logo design, search engine optimisation and Email advertising.

Our team are experts at ensuring your business thrives online. Ingrained in all of our work and our culture is innovation driven by commitment. Problems that stump everybody else get us going. We challenge you to challenge us!