Coni Lefferts, President of Creative Packaging Solutions, has over 35 years of packaging experience.  The company team of personnel provides both domestic and foreign client companies with both standard or stock packaging and custom-engineered packaging containers.  

The packaging items are produced both in the US and in other plant facilities offshore in Europe, S.A. and Asia, dependent upon the specific needs of the client.

The packaging is made from a variety of plastics, glass, metal, wood, or paper.  

Packaging is commonly used by CPG (Consumer Product Good) companies to contain their products to reach the consumer in a safe, attractive and saleable container.  

Packaging segments include:  personal care and cosmetic; food and beverage; pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and medical device; lawn and garden; household; and pet.

The company has alliances with others to facilitate the cross-needs of clients.

An alliance was formed with ABox of New Jersey, US which manufacturers and supplies desiccant and cotton filling equipment for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies.  

An alliance was formed with anha of Paris, France to provide premium or luxury brand identity and product development for various sectors, including spirits, wines and fine foods; jewelry and horology; perfumes and scents; cosmetics; resorts and spas.

Creative Packaging Solutions has been recognized by the trade for Package of the Year Award, Gold award for Personal Care packaging, and Student Choice award for packaging.