United Credit Consultants™ is the largest, most referred Credit Restoration | Education | Management Service Organization in the state of Minnesota. UCC is also one of the largest in the nation ranking in the top 1% . United Credit Consultants is the only credit service organization in Minnesota that is licensed with the MN Department of Commerce and requires each one of their Credit Advisers to be FICO™ Certified to insure each one of their clients are educated correctly and set on the correct credit path!

United Credit Consultants™ trained and educated staff will work with you personally on our first step which is investigation tactics and challenging options through their most successful programs; Path To Credit Recovery Program™. During this program, credit rebuilding options with advising and consulting throughout your specific repair process. United Credit Consultants’ feels it takes a team to help educate and restore your credit report and profile correctly and professionally. Your credit adviser will guide you through your report, educating you on the process of credit repair. UCC’s trademarked Path To Credit Recovery Program™ is specifically designed for each client and tailored to produce optimal results as efficiently as possible. Improving your credit will improve your buying power and your overall financial situation. Let United Credit Consultants™ guide you down the path to recovery!
UCC takes pride in the credit education we give during the repair process! UCC’s success is from the extensive knowledge and understanding of the credit bureaus and knowing they are all individually owned and operated with different systems. What this means is that each Credit Bureau ha their own internal rules and systems within themselves. Understanding their system is key when it comes to taking the right step at the right time.
United Credit Consultants™ offers a FREE, NO RISK consultation and credit assessment with one of our trained FICO™ Certified Credit Advisers. With no upfront costs or hidden fees, including in house financing and payment! Contact United Credit Consultants today where we can help you 1-800-455-4100