Shop for Cremation Jewelry - Elegantly Designed Custom Cremation Glass Jewelry - -hand-crafted from molten Venetian glass. In the process of creating your piece of custom pendant, ring or bead, the glass artist mixes your loved one's ashes with a tiny amount of silver mica for sparkle and when finished, you have a wonderful remembrance of the bright times your loved one brought you.

Here's how the process works:

Following your purchase, we will send you an ash collection kit which will include instructions on collecting your ashes, 2 small baggies with labels for pertinent information that you will need to complete and a self-addressed envelope to mail everything back to us. Upon receipt of the ashes, we carefully log in all your information and proceed to creating your special keepsake. Once your special keepsake is completed (usually 10-15 working days), we ship your jewelry in a secure box. to you ... ready for you to cherish and enjoy.