The Creosity brand was originally conceived from the root word “CREOS” which stands for Creative Resource Electronic Output System. It was decided that “ity” would be added to “Creos” thus creating the Creosity brand.

We were hopeful that this unique and positively charged word would inspire and emotionally move consumers in the very same dynamic way our products do.

This small stroke of good fortune today has been widely accepted by many of the largest brands in America.

Creosity uses its industry knowledge, field-tested product suites to develop and deliver digital media technologies that are highly scalable, innovative in design while often setting the standard of excellence in both customer experience and ease of use.

Through our preferred nationwide partner distribution relationships, in the traditional sign industry segment we strive to provide a continued real-life installation and market development input.

Creosity enables our customer digital signage touch points by facilitating the scheduling, distribution and reliable playback of HD media content. Creosity is committed to providing the optimum combination of technology and support services.

As Creosity moves into the future, it will continue to grow positively and aggressively, both internally and externally. Creosity believes that the leading technologies require innovative strategies, exceptional talent, and advanced services. And most importantly, Creosity is a company with the strength and vision to continue defining leading-edge functionality for DSN operators.

The ongoing vision of Creosity is to build long-term partner relationships with each of its distribution customers through a strategic business approach that allows Creosity to help clients build more value into their business through its line of product and services.

Companies that leverage the Creosity platform recognize strong ROI due to the reduction of printed media and shipping costs. This method of promotion is a “Green” alternative, minimizing the paper requirements, inks, dies and unused product waste, ultimately implementing environmentally friendly business practices.