What is Cris Simone?

Cris Simone (www.crissimone.com) is an online health and wellness lifestyle resource targeting professional women of color. Cris Simone aims to inspire its audience to address their health and wellness and work/life balance by shaping their discerning tastes in the best of health, wellness and beauty practices; interviewing well-known experts and busy professional women who share insight on how they live a premier lifestyle; providing insider tips on fabulous products and services; and by participating in wellness events.

Who is Cris Simone?

Cris Simone recognizes it is often hard for women to meet the challenge of careers while maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, exercise, and time to pamper
themselves. Unfortunately women of color are most disproportionately affected by chronic illnesses. Many of these illnesses are the result of poor diets, lack of exercise and stressful environments.

The professional woman of color is often forgotten when health disparities are discussed because they are expected to know better and have access to the necessary resources to live healthy lifestyles. However, the most recent statistics show that this segment of the population has a high mortality from heart disease and breast cancer, irrespective of educational levels of socioeconomic status.

Cris Simone represents the wellness goddess who is within, the voice that quietly speaks to us about self-care. She understands the importance of balancing beauty and wellness, and the desire to live luxuriously. Through this online guide, the aim is to tap into that goddess' voice and help her to be released into the realm of fully embracing self-love, self-care, and the desire to no longer be a statistic, but a more complete woman.