Cristal Law Group has been serving Tampa area businesses and municipalities facing legal problems for years, and the firm has a combined 25 years of service to businesses in and around the Tampa area. They provide legal protection for small businesses and their owners, as well as municipalities, insurance companies and large corporations in all areas of employer/employee relations. When businesses face legal problems, it stands in the way and creates undue stress and concern about the future. Legal issues take the focus off expansion, sales or administration for the owners or managers. Cristal Law Group provides legal services that allow the small business, corporation or municipality to move forward with their usual activities, while their legal matters are addressed with professional skill and a vigorous defense. They also provide skilled legal representation for clients facing state audits, inspections, problems regarding contracts, transactions, and licensing. They fight to help business owners enjoy our free enterprise system and to break free from government restrictions and regulations that are barriers to doing business and standing in the way of their successful expansion.

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