Crochetville is the premier online crochet community. It’s the place where crochet enthusiasts from around the world come to get answers, find inspiration, show off projects, dish about yarn and hooks, and just generally share their love of crochet. Crochetville’s rich content and friendly vibe are attracting all types of crocheters, from beginners to serious hobbyists to seasoned professionals, and they are returning to the site again and again.

Crochetville’s success is part timing, part hard work and vision. When Crochetville was new in 2004, things came together organically because the time was right. It started with just one woman who wanted a place to talk with other crocheters. Grassroots enthusiasm and online word-of-mouth propelled Crochetville to become a major destination in the online world of crochet. In 2006, when Donna Hulka and Amy Shelton took over running Crochetville as a two-woman team, plans and goals for the future of the community started to come together. Although Crochetville has always taken countless hours to maintain, they began working at it from a new perspective: as a serious business rather than a hobby. In 2007, they established a limited liability company, Crochetville LLC. Donna’s and Amy’s skills and strengths complement each other, and they share the same values and vision for achieving Crochetville’s motto of discussing, encouraging, and supporting crochet.

Visitors can simply browse or search to access the wealth of information on Crochetville. Additionally, those who become members by registering (which is free) can post messages, share photos, and participate in activities such as crochet-alongs, swaps, secret pals, and charity crochet. For a modest per-class fee, registered members can also take advantage of online crochet classes in Crochetville’s unique and interactive forum-based class format.

Donna and Amy say, "We hope you enjoy your time at Crochetville, and that you will find it to be well-moderated and family-friendly. We are committed to maintaining a site that is clean and easy-to-use with an atmosphere that is welcoming and encouraging to crocheters of all levels."