CrossCheck Media currently produces five television programs: Buy Hold Sell, BHS-Live,
Power Hour, Double Down with Breslo, and The Hidden Truth with James Breslo. All
five are developed from the Big Whig Media Studio, located at The Willard Hotel in
Washington, DC.

Buy Hold Sell and BHS-Live are weekly financial programs, built with a debate-style
spirit while offering financial knowledge to viewers in an entertaining format. The
shows have a permanent host and are known to rotate subject matter experts to fill its
guest roles.

Power Hour is a recent program created for the CrossCheck Media franchise. The show
is a weekly one-hour show with a focus on politics. Hosted by Veronica Dudo from the
nation’s capital, Power Hour examines and reveals the crossroads of Washington and
Wall Street.

The three heritage programs are available for viewing at the CrossCheck Media channel
on YouTube. Beginning June 1st, the shows will be distributed live on AppleTV and
Roku. In addition, all shows are converted into podcast form and distributed via the
Evergreen Podcast service, which plugs into thirteen mainstream podcast networks,
such as Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeart Radio and Google Podcast.