Cross Promotions International is an industry leading agency specialising in Bar Management, Festivals and Events, Media, Entertainment and Nightlife.  Established in the early 1990’s, Cross Promotions International is renowned for our energy and enthusiasm, the festivals and events we create and our unique power and ability to inject style and glamour and align celebrities with brands and events.

Renowned as Queensland’s festival and event specialist, Cross Promotions International is the force behind over 80% of Queensland events such as Summafieldayze, Future Music Festival and Parklife to name a few.  Whether bar management services, full event management services or assistance with selected elements are required, at Cross Promotions International we work alongside our clients to inspire, create and deliver.

Drawing upon a fusion of relationships with many media personalities, national and international celebrities, high profile brands, fashionistas and influencers, Cross Promotions International takes brands and concepts from creative design to red carpet press, ensuring a powerhouse media presence and overwhelming success.