Delivering verified KYC & AML through the combination of Biometric Authentication and Blockchain Technology

CrossVerify provides biometric authentication in combination with blockchain technology to create a Utility which digitally stores verified key personal information, including AML and KYC documentation, for access by permissioned CrossVerify customers. This enables an individual’s identity to be proved more securely than at present.

Cross Verify customers can substantially reduce the cost of managing and storing key personal documentation physically, and sign up new clients more quickly by making the AML and KYC verification process fast and efficient.
Its customers can also, where appropriate, sell access to customers’ top level KYC and AML data. This means that storing this data can start becoming a profit centre rather than a cost centre.
Its products are expected to be of interest to companies that want to
• reduce the risk of fraud or identity loss due to inadequate customer authentication; or
• enhance their existing authentication requirements; or
• reduce their compliance costs; or
• cross-sell with other companies whilst not giving up their customer base