Cross Country Education is a national leader in high-quality educational products and services for the entire health care industry. Our seminars and training programs are designed to help health care providers achieve improved performance and results in all areas of clinical, financial and operational management. Our faculty of more than 150 instructors are the "best of the best" in their field of expertise and know how to provide programs that really make a difference to participants.

Since 1995, we have trained over 1,000,000 providers, managers, nurses, behavioral health professionals and other key personnel throughout the entire healthcare industry. We produce over 5,000 seminars and conferences annually for the health care industry. Plus, we coordinate in-house training for health care facilities. Let us provide your training and professional education needs!

Our Mission Statement:
“CCE exists to identify and provide opportunities for relevant continuing education in a timely and geographically friendly manner that will meet and exceed the needs and expectations of targeted professionals.”