Crosspeer provides lexible and scalable high-performance 'Elastic' public cloud computing infrastructure and applications hosting services to customers in the US and Canada.  Through an easy-to-use interface globally accessible from any Web browser, the Crosspeer Cloud gives users complete control, managment and monitoring of all their computing resources at a glance.   Users can deploy and scale CPU, memory and disk resources independently and on-demand on a pay-as-you-go or subscription basis.  Crosspeer 'build-to-suit' cloud servers accommodate all x86 operating systems and provide users a choide of HDDs or SSDs to match the performance demands of their applications.  Crosspeer customers can install their own server images on their cloud servers and also utilize their own installation media, event during their free cloud server trial.  The Crosspeer Cloud is ideally suited for any task, whether for a SAAS deployment, for Enterprise applications, SMB web apps or for a personal cloud server.   With the highly efficient KVM virtualization technology at the core, Crosspeer Cloud Servers are not only lightning fast, but are cost-effective and suitable for any size organization.  For more information about Crosspeer Cloud Computing visit the company's website at http://www.crosspeer.com.