Headquartered in Santa Clara, CryptaVault also has offices in London and associates in New York, Madrid and Cape Town.

CryptaVault’s core technology, patent and design rights were acquired in 2006 from another Silicon Valley startup that had tried to develop an AI product for surveillance and compliance applications. Over the next four years CryptaVault simplified and re-engineered the experimental AI software into a commercially viable, user-friendly product – complete with a re-name.

Having completed UAT with several small beta customers in the compliance sector, the company received a further round of financing from D-Capital for its ISP-only product. However, the closer relationship with Sun Microsystems and growing enterprise customer interest in the corporate version of the product led to accelerated development of the CryptaVault Enterprise product on Sun’s X86 platforms to provide a low cost of entry for SME customers. Both products are now on track for Q1 2011 general sale (as an appliance purchase, or via application rental) and both are supported in both North America and Europe by teams on both continents.