My Dog Training Academy is a online learning center set up to help busy dog owners train their dogs in a fast efficent way. Our methods do not involve corporal punishment. There is no reason for violence in training your dog. We promote loving disciplined training that always works. We help to set up and maintain a life long disciplined dog.   Dogs are very much like children. Establish their boundaries and behavior rules and they are very well adjusted. Dogs love you in return and remain loyal for a lifetime.
This online learning center was created to help dog owners whether this is their first dog or they have had several. All of a untrained dog's bad habits are discussed and solutions are provided that are humane and always work. Over 40 years experience with dogs has gone into the creation of this dog learning center. You will be amazed at the great methods of training that work within a couple of days.
This site is designed to help busy people with careers that have limited time to train their dogs. The training is reduced to what works quickly and can be implemented in a short period of time. In short this online learning center will help you and your dog have a long loving relationship that other dog owners will admire.