Founded in 2010, Crystal Content started out life with a different name providing SEO content in the form of blogs, articles and static web copy.

As we were already writing and publishing articles for our clients it made sense to handle their social media communications as well, further promoting their brands and driving far more traffic to their sites. This also blended into providing marketing copy, providing inspiring mailers, newsletters, competitions and more to entice new customers to our clients’ brands.

Clients like working with us because we employ an in-house team of English-speaking writers at our Glasgow HQ. Google has altered its algorithms to favour quality over keyword stuffing, placing Crystal Content in an ideal position to produce excellent written content for English language websites.

Thanks to our team of industry experts which includes a chief marketing officer for a leading bingo brand, former journalists and PRs, Crystal Content has gone from strength to strength and surpassed impressive targets in a short space of time. It is a very exciting time in the company’s future and we are all delighted to be a part of it.