CuddlyNest is a premium short-term vacation rental platform that revolutionizes the vacation-rental market. CuddlyNest offers a variety of solutions to the current aggravations in the home-sharing market by providing many great features which have never been introduced before to both guests and hosts. Think about it as a way of giving hosts more control over their own listings, and providing guests a great experience.

Hosts have a lot of great options to enjoy at CuddlyNest. To start with, listing an unlimited number of properties is introduced for free, for the first time ever, in the market of short-term vacation rentals. Hosts, property managers, corporate and serviced apartment owners do not need to pay any astronomical subscription fees anymore and save a lot of money to focus on how to make their listings more inviting to guests and giving their guest the ultimate travel experience. Another great benefit at CuddlyNest is offering a flat 8% booking fee that can be paid totally based on the hosts’ wishes. Hosts have the ultimate freedom to set the booking fees to be totally paid only by the hosts, the guests, or both. These deals can be completed totally through the secure online payment system of CuddlyNest, or totally off-site to avoid the booking fees if both parties agree.