Cuetile is the first community based task management mobile app with a unique active and dynamic concept and an outstanding graphic user interface. Cuetile takes care of your time by prioritizing tasks, in real-time, to accomplish easily and efficiently, every time.
Cuetile learns, understands and turns passive tasks to dynamic tasks so it can become active. Cuetile starts by learning from behavior patterns and user past experience and by crossing knowledge with other users in the community. By understanding the task and its importance it turns it to dynamic. Then, Cuetile is active by helping the user to prioritize tasks in real-time to help accomplish more, easily and efficiently.
Cuetile is the only active and dynamic task management app. It is different, conceptually and graphically but still very simple to use.

Cuetile was founded by Guy Wisnia in August 2015. It’s goal is to create a proactive platform that helps users to complete their tasks in most suitable place and time.
Cuetile completed its first fund round of $125K in Dec. 2015.
Currently Cuetile is developing Android and Web versions of its application.