CurbFlip was started to help drivers everywhere find cheaper parking close to jobs, concert venues, sports venues, airports, and other events.  Traditional parking for events can be an expensive hassle even if you find a parking deck with unused space.  30 day parking for employment reasons can be super expensive.   Making money by renting a driveway or personal parking space is now possible with our technology.

CurbFlip has created a share economy website that allows homeowners to rent their parking spaces to drivers looking to park near jobs, airports, sporting events, beaches, or any place where conventional parking is limited.  

The website, designed for property owners who just want to sign up, upload a photo, and rent their parking space.

CurbFlip handles the scheduling, billing, and payments. The property owner sets their rate and collects payment directly from the renter using CurbFlip technologies.

It's about easy sign up and "Location, Location, Location".  Most major cities have severe traffic problems. Homeowners in those cities are beginning to see the value in their unused driveways and garages.  Drivers are very willing to pay those homeowners daily or monthly to park near employment, parks, stadiums, train stations, or tourist attractions.  

CurbFlip is important because we use technology to bring smart drivers and well located homeowners together.

CurbFlip design has taken the ease of use features from Airbnb and low flat cost structure of Ebay.  CurbFlip offers the lowest fee in the industry.
CurbFlip.com is a secure, proprietary platform developed through a collaboration of world class software engineers.  Our customer centric website was created from the ground up to focus on the user experience. The design has six basic requirements.

1.     Sign up must be quick, easy, through email or Facebook
2.     Owners must be able to list their parking space in less than a minute.
3.     Owners set the price and availability of their listings.
4.     Owners must be paid before we are.
5.     Drivers must be able to find parking in their city in less than 15 seconds.
6.     CurbFlip should be viewed as a service, so our fee should always be nominal.

Source:  CurbFlip Public Relations