Automation specialists. Business Process Automation, DevOps, and Testing. Creators of VIP RPA, Test Modeller, and Test Data Automation.

Curiosity believe everyone should be able to benefit from the speed and quality gains of automation, offering the products and services to make this happen. Our purpose-built Robotic Process Automation framework and complete test automation solution are designed to optimise and automate the processes holding your business and test teams back.  

Automation engineers can use VIP Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to build high-speed bots that accurately copy the repetitious processes otherwise performed by humans. Test Modeller and Test Data Automation enable QA teams to maintain rigorously automated tests and data from flowcharts that are quick to build and easy to maintain.  

The tools can be used together seamlessly, or can be implemented individually to optimise your line of business processes and software delivery projects. Your engineering or QA teams can quickly pick-up and start using the light-weight, easy-to-implement technologies. Alternatively, Curiosity’s experts can bring decades of experience to introduce tailor-made HR automation to your organization, painlessly introducing high-speed bots that work alongside your current technologies, teams, and techniques.