Custodiex has built the security infrastructure for the future of the world’s banking systems.

We provide high security cold storage accessible in real-time for banks, governments, financial institutions and digital asset managers worldwide.

Custodiex is one of the most technologically advanced digital vault solutions in the world – with a full technology stack and API’s built for seamless integration.

Our hardware is housed in multiple bunkers at undisclosed locations with key ceremonies and processes designed to guard against even the most aggressive physical and cyber-attacks.

We provide the distribution capabilities and durability of the cloud. Combined with our physical bunkers we provide defence in depth and SaaS/Security as a Service (SECaaS)

We have designed our suite of digital asset management products and API’s with the aim of offering a full treasury service solution that is accessible to existing systems through standards-based API’s. This means our technologies are ready for immediate integration into your current technologies and regulatory environments.