Cuttlefish is the TOP solution for companies that need Social Media that yields ROI.  We use search engine optimization, graphic design, and the power of copywriting to leverage social media.  We increase your company's brand awareness and turn leads into customers.  How does Social SEO work? We take the semantics of link building, search engine optimization, digital design and unleash a powerful, targeted, keyword-rich, social media marketing campaign.  Don't waste resources on outsourced social media ever again.  If you want real ROI from your social media investment, make Cuttlefish Marketing your web marketing "partner."

If you thought Social Media Management is a fruitless labor, try it again with us.  

- tangible deliverables (i.e. high peak posting times, client and lead lists, etc.)

- integrate your Google Analytics and Google AdWords campaign data.

- see your brand and assets RANK in search engine results.

- Gain and Grow a following of QUALIFIED LEADS

- Focused, strategic posting to your social media channels that pull customers to you

...and much more than niche-related posting.  Your brand will gain traction almost immediately, as we build your list of customers and qualified leads.  

Hire one company, get better  results!