Cybercrime Fighters Ltd has been operational since 2006. We started our consulting services in South Africa and moved towards the UK in 2007, Ireland, Europe in 2008 and still growing. In 2009 we hope to be operational in Australia.

Cybercrime Fighters Ltd helps to protect and enhance the vital assets in companies and organisations: People and Information.

The IT Security Professionals within the team are home based and located in the UK, Europe and South Africa. Mobility and low overheads allows Cybercrime Fighters Ltd to pass on the benefits of low cost solutions without the compromise of quality in solutions.

The growing mine-field of legislation and bureaucracy facing organisations today coupled with the complexities of maintaining reliable information security, frequently hamper business progression by seriously diverting management time and valuable resource. For some, an alternative is to hide their head in the sand; but this is only stalling for time and can have extremely damaging and costly consequences. Effective policy management systems and information security precautions are now critical business-enablers, rather than 'nice-to-haves'.

Cybercrime Fighters Ltd is able to put at your service, top industry expertise in Policy Management and Information Security. We work with some of the world's leading software developers of powerful management tools and robust security solutions. This unique combination enables Cybercrime Fighters Ltd to provide highly cost-effective advice and solutions to minimise risks and threats to you and your organisation. That means you and your colleagues can concentrate totally on your core business and operational issues.

Cybercrime Fighters Ltd was founded by Dimitrios Zacharopoulos (MSCE, MCSD, CISSP, C|EH, ECSA/LPT, CHFI), an IT Security Professional and Project Manager of 20+ years, currently living in the UK. Together with the assistance of other IT Security Professionals and a collective industry experience of over 30+ years and responsible for being involved in introducing many of the technologies that are commonplace today, our team shares a common goal, loyalty in change.

Each professionla has their own "entrepreneurial spirit" and it is the combination of these skills and in-depth understanding of the security market and requirements in business that make Cybercrime Fighters Ltd the dynamic and unique organisation it is.