Cycle Technologies is a privately-held company with a social-impact mission headquartered in Washington, D.C. The company develops and brings to market, leading-edge, family planning and contraceptive technologies that help address the problem of unintended pregnancies, and help people everywhere have the families they want, when they are ready to have them.

Cycle Technologies’ products (CycleBeads®, 2Day™, Dot™) have been used by over 6 MILLION women all over the world, and have been implemented in more than 60 countries as part of their health program. To date, these family planning products have prevented 5.5 MILLION unintended pregnancies, and successfully planned 1.5 MILLION pregnancies.

Cycle Technologies also provides expertise to a variety of reproductive health researchers, nonprofits, and others working in the field. The company partners with global health experts, scientists, and statisticians at leading research universities to develop and test Cycle Technologies’ products. Currently, Dot™, their newest family planning technology, will undergo a rigorous, “first of it’s kind” efficacy study. This full-scale study will be conducted with the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University.

About Cycle Technologies Founder, Leslie Heyer

Leslie Heyer is the founder and president of Cycle Technologies. Ms. Heyer works on “game-changing” ideas to advance women’s contraceptive options. Her company develops and distributes family planning solutions that are focused on meeting women’s needs while using the latest in science and technological advancements.  Prior to her life as a social entrepreneur, Heyer was on the founding management team of two software companies and managed advertising accounts for global brands. She received her MBA from Harvard Business School, a BA from Georgetown University, and was recently named a Top 50 Most Talented Social Innovator globally by the World CSR Congress.

To learn more about the Cycle Technologies, please visit http://www.CycleTechnologies.com