Cyma Orchids is family owned and operated wholesaler and distributor of more than eight different high quality orchid species that are grown, cultivated and nurtured on our 15 acre farm located in Oxnard, California in Ventura County. We are best known for our quality orchids and are the primary supplier for all Southern California Home Depots and Albertson’s grocery stores.

The finest quality orchids and plants are achieved by our customized care, cultivation and nurturing of each and every plant we raise by our family approach to growing on our farm, proving that man over machinery is the key to achieving beautiful, luxurious, and elegant plants that provide long-lasting pleasure and enjoyment. Cyma Orchids growers put their heart and soul into growing and nurturing the plants raised on our farm and it shows in the quality and presentation of each orchid plant and home décor product that is delivered to our wholesale partners for their customers’ delight, pleasure and continued enjoyment.

By truly committing ourselves to the individualized and customized care and nurturing of every plant in our green house, we create quality, value and inspiration with our high quality, luxurious and elegant orchid plants at mass-market prices. For more information call 800-395-9754 or visit www.cymaorchids.com or www.facebook.com/cyma.orchids.