Originally a Silicon Valley marketing copywriter, Cymber Lily Quinn is an award­-winning journalist and copywriter, and now an award-winning harpist, composer, and confidence coach. She is also the founder of Holistic Harpistry: Performance, Teaching, and Biz Coaching for Harpists, Sound Healers and Conscious Musical Entrepreneurs. ​

While suffer​ing​ an illness that forced her into retreat and re-­evaluation​, s​he discovered a childhood dream of playing the harp, and returned to music at age 42 to find a whole new life as a musical healer and teacher.  

Cymber Lily Quinn creates, writes, and records award-­winning new age healing harp music. Her first two CDs, "Seasons of the Soul" and "Time Tinctures" both won Big Island Music Awards​ in Hawaii​. She has also been featured on National Public Radio’s “Hearts of Space” and ​the ​Hawaii Public Radio​.
Information about​ ​Cymber's music is available at www.Cymber.com. ​ ​Her music​ can also be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, and other music sources.​