Cytegic’s next generation security analytics and cybersecurity intelligence solution enables organizations to proactively prepare their defenses against emerging threats based on an automated review of their security infrastructure and contextualized threat intelligence.  

While most organizations have deployed an extensive patchwork of siloed security point solutions, they lack a consolidated view of their defenses and have no visibility into the effectiveness of their security infrastructure against emerging attack methods.  Our strategic risk management platform continuously analyzes organizations’ security infrastructure against best practices and our proprietary intelligence offering provides quantified, contextual, forward looking insights into cyber threats worldwide based on real-time analysis of attacker activity.  

Our platform combines this information to simulate potential cyber attacks contextualized to our customers’ specific industries and geographies, calculate their probability of success and test alternate security configurations, factoring in changes in the threat landscape. Based on this analysis, our software enables organizations to proactively optimize their defenses, prioritizing remediation toward areas of greatest risk.

Cytegic is the first cyber risk management platform designed for an executive audience, as it translates complex cyber-readiness analysis into intuitive dashboards and reports that provide board-level understanding of organizational preparedness and the business impact of potential threats.

Cytegic is led by a renowned team of cybersecurity experts. Our CEO, Shay Zandani, founded the Israeli Air Force’s Information Warfare department, and our Executive Chairman, Carmi Gillon, is former head of Shabak, Israel’s domestic intelligence agency.  Our customers include Amdocs, PwC, TD Bank and some of Israel’s largest banking institutions.