The Czech Collectors Association has been in existence for almost 10 years. It is an International organization dedicated to cultivating the appreciation, research, knowledge and collecting of Austrian, Bohemian and Czechoslovakian Decorative Arts from 1850 - 1940.
The CCA meets each spring at the Czech Collectors Associaton Convention. The Convention features Kaleidoscope, An Antique Auction, Show & Sale which is also open, free, to the Public. Both dealers and collector members set up at this event offering an amazing array of items both for sale and for exhibit only. Expert speakers offer seminars on a variety of topics related to these collectibles, as well as some which expand the knowledge of attendees on Interenet Search Strategies, Photographing your Collection and other applicable topics. Two of this year's sessions will offer first hand information from previously unpublished findings. One will focus on the Eichwald Factory and it's relationship to Bernard Bloch. Another connects Hoffman and the Schlevogt Glass Works and, in particular the beautiful Ingrid Brand perfumes bottles. A series of Mini Sessions provide attendees with updates on specific collectibles, including new research, market trends, prices, mark identification and unusual finds.
Austrian, Bohemian and Czchoslovakian Decorative Arts offer a wide range of items in glass, pottery and art. FORMS include perfume bottles, jewelry, vanity sets, lamps, humidors, clocks, pitchers, creamers. bird and animal figurals, jardinieres, vases and much, much more.... STYLE can include Rococco and Baroque but is more likely to be Victorian, Sessessionist ( Art Nouveau ) or Deco. Prices range from inexpensive and easy to find through to five and six digit prices for rare and one-of-a-kind pieces. CCA offers the best of collecting - something for everyone - how much better can it get!
The Association has a five member Board of Directors as well as separate committees. Present Board Members represent 4 different States and one Canadian connection! In addition to the Convention, the Association provides a twice yearly Newsletter and access to high quality Journals which feature excellent articles, new research and item identification marks and tips.  
The Web-site - www.czechcollectors.org - contains membership and convention information but also an introduction to dealers and experts for the purpose of connecting those who want to identify, buy or sell items. Links are also available for those who wish to expand their knowledge or connect with others with similar passions. Members can also use this site to advertise and sell items from their collections.