D’ron Forbes is an avid value investor, stock analyst, entrepreneur, financial journalist and educator. Forbes is most widely known as the founder of Division One Finance and one of the world’s most renowned financial education platforms in the Stock Market Academy.

Early education in Business and Administration has allowed Forbes to become a captain of industry in the world of Music, Marketing and Finance. He is noted for his dedication to teaching independence, financial literacy and neoclassical investing.

In February of 2021, Forbes’ Stock Market Academy was mentioned by Bloomberg as one of 3 clubs on the audio-centric platform Clubhouse taking shape as the Anti-Reddit for Stock Market Buffs. As mentioned in the article, the club was called a place where financial aficionados gather daily to discuss the capital markets.

In a March HastagInvesting feature Stock Market Academy was touted as one of the best clubs for people who want to learn about the stock market. The room is heavy on technical analysis which means it’s great for you to learn about technical and fundamentals. New users can increase their knowledge on these important factors that teach one to read stock prices and predict their outcomes.

The Stock Market academy now has over 75K members and has been coined the safe space for newbie investors seeking a means to learn about the stock market. Forbes, is currently working on his latest project; a stock market index which seeks to do what has not been done since the days of Peter Lynch. The index will be value investing based and designed to create total returns that not only rival the S&P 500. The “Total Return & Retirement Index” is currently under testing on TipRanks, where Forbes is now a 5 star stock picker.