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The traditional drug therapy has been usefully complemented by the alterna-tive medicine. In the recent years it has become more and more important.
DAVITA® was founded in 1996 and is in the field of light therapy one of the market leaders in Europe. In the year 2001 Mr. Reinhard Scheufler took over the company and is managing director of DAVITA®. In 2004 the company moved to Kleve.

Product divisions

DAVITA® Medizinische Produkte GmbH & Co KG started with the specialization of development, production and sale of light therapy units for the professional treatment of depressions, sleep disorders and the premenstrual syndrome.
After a further expansion the product program includes today the following product divisions:

DAVITA®-Seasonal products for spring and summer
• Itch relief MosQuit® against insect bites with concentrated heat
• Anti-Allergy unit RhinoFit® against hay fever and allergic symptoms
• UV-warning unit SunCounter with sunburn alarm function
• Iontophoresis-System SUDORmed 1200 against “excessive sweating“

DAVITA®-Seasonal-products for autumn and winter
• Light therapy units VILUX 70, VILUX 100, LD 72, LD 110 and PhysioLight LD 220, LD 440, LD 880 and LD 1100 for treatment of winter depression, de-pressions, sleep disorders and premenstrual syndrome.
• Light alarm clock VITAclock® 200 and VITAclock® Premium with wake-up and doze off function, nature sounds, radio and as bright reading and daylight lamp.

DAVITA®-Products for the whole year
• Dynamic Ceiling light system programmable, variable regarding lighting color and intensity of illumination for a healthy light at the work place, at home, in the doctors surgery, in clinics and in elderly and nursing homes.
• Mobile Palmtop ECG-units Cardio24 and InstantCheck for monitoring the car-diac and circulatory functions
• UV-Light therapy units UV-combs/batons, UV-hand / foot units and UV-whole-body irradiation units against skin diseases
• Light therapy units BeautyLite BL 70, 100 and 110 against acne and for Anti-Aging-Applications by wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.
• Light therapy units CleanLite CL 70 and CL 110 against acne
• Electro stimulation units Digital Fit 1200 against pains and to strengthen the muscles
• Mgnetic field therapy systems MF 200, MF 400, MF 600, MF 800 and MF 4000 against pains and for stimulation of self-healing forces.

The product program will be enlarged continuously by interesting products from the area of medicine, healthcare, wellness and beauty.

Distribution channels and offices

The distribution of the products occur worldwide mostly via competent special-ist retailers. These are medical shops specialized dealers for medical devices, phar-macies and specialized mail order companies and internet dealers. We have an ad-ditional offices in France and in the Netherlands.
The product range was originally designed very much for the specialized deal-ers and the professional use in the doctors’ surgeries and clinics. Currently the product range of DAVITA® is expanding even further in the direction of consumer products.
Dynamic light ceiling systems are increasingly used in elderly and nursing ho-mes. Especially since studies show the scientific medical effectiveness of light for older people. These systems will be designed and programmed individual for each customer and for the individual application and objective.
Production, quality and scientific validation
DAVITA® medical products are produced in different production facilities under own management according to European norms. This always guarantees a high quality.
The DAVITA®-Quality management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2003 and the products bear the CE-sign for proofed medical products.

DAVITA® cooperates with well-known scientists, doctors, clinics and further experts.
One of the company’s principles is to offer only such instruments on the market which have undergone thorough testing to optimize the beneficial effects for the user and to exclude any damaging effects.

DAVITA® has a modern logistic system. All products are stored and ready for dispatch in a powerful external logistic centre. Orders which arrive before 4:00 p.m. will normally be dispatched at the same day via courier or general cargo. So all re-quirements for a smoothly and fast delivery of our customers can be fulfilled.

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