The World according to DARLITA DBOSS BOSTIC

DBoss Network On-Air Personality Talk Show Host and Executive Producer of REAL LIFE MATTERS, her Daily Night Prime Time show captivates audiences in North America, UK, The Caribbean, Africa, and globally

Toronto, CANADA, March 10, 2022. - Darlita DBoss Bostic has transformed herself into the freshest television revelation on current daily Night Prime TV shows in North America and globally, interviewing from Hollywood, New York, Chicago. Toronto top producers, actors, and Grammy, Billboard, Juno award-winning music superstars to regular motivational storytellers who have too much to share through REAL LIFE MATTERS TV.

She gets to the heart and soul of all her guests in REAL LIFE MATTERS program reaching millions of viewers worldwide, in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, 22 Caribbean country islands, and Africa. Darlita has earned the respect and admiration of people from all backgrounds, races, genders, religions and political ideas. Her onscreen honesty captivates audiences.

Known as the Oprah Winfrey of the North, Darlita Bostic is Chief Executive Officer of  DBoss Network. This Canadian-born, daughter of Barbados parents, is an innovative university-trained Sales and Marketing professional with a diverse track record building business relationships to provide an array of products, services and support to growing enterprises. She has successfully delivered results using IT tools and solutions, Web-based and E-commerce strategies and materials, cable and mainstream television programming, and Education services.

A trained Paralegal from Ryerson University (Litigation, Corporate, Criminal, Family, Real Estate, Contract Negotiations) who applies excellent administrative, documentation and process management skills in assessing clients’ needs and planning/executing programs to increase productivity and ensure quality. Utilizes strong systems understanding to ensure technology alignment. Organized, adaptable and calm under pressure.

Always smiling, projecting happiness to her audience and loyal followers, Darlita communicates openly, persuasively, works well with teams as well as independently. Trains, mentors others to higher performance. And on TV screen oversaturated by 1000s of channels and fancy hosts, Darlita uses these skills to make sure interviewees open their hearts and souls for audiences to be surprised and amazed about their experiences.

Real Life Matters is a Night Prime TV Show which broadcasts at 10-11pm Mon-Fri; it airs on CaribVision TV & Bell Fibe TV Channel 658 nationally in Canada. CaribVision TV Network broadcasts in 22 different countries in the Caribbean region; including the UK and Eastern USA. Bell Fibe Channel 658 is viewed by 12 million people on TV. Also her show was featured on T.I.F.F. (Toronto International Film Festival).

RLM Affiliates in USA’s  Come Clean Empire TV, ACW Broadcasting Network, The HHN TV (One Voice One Platform), Mix Mafia Radio Network, WGLRO Radio (The People Station) Legend 2.20 Radio has 150 million viewers in Comcast and also in FM Radio.

REAL LIFE MATTERS is a powered packed inspired TV Night Prime Time program that deals with real matters that reflect real life. If you would like to be a part of REAL LIFE MATTERS; contact Darlita DBoss Bostic, she would love to hear from you. Also, would you like to be a Sponsor and/or run commercial ads in our show contact us.

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